Frequently Asked Questions

what makes us different?

Why Máquinas dos Outros Tempos?

WE are one young and dynamic entreprise, always looking to achiever better and more; We want to give to all our customer a service that satisfies them.

How can i send the Movies?

For better security we prefer you to send your movies via registered mal; this will ensure us its safety trasnported and can be tracked.

What kind of services we do?

Developing and scanning in all photographic forms and super 8 movie clip.



what kind of developing we do?

Black and white, color (C41), Slide(E6) and black and white slide.

What processes do you use?

For different types of roll we use different types of roll:
For Black and White we use the manual process, using a processor so that all the revelation is consistent;
At color level we use a Fuji mini lab to ensure higher quality at color level;
In E6 we use an automatic rotary processor, to guarantee the highest quality in the whole process.

what about Super 8?

The super 8 process, both colors, as well as black and white, is all of it manual, being made in a tank of its own.


Whats the maximun size of the scan?

The maximun size of the scan is 5000×6000 with fuji frontier SD2000.

How do you send the files?

We send your images with a resolution of 2400 dpi, tif or jpeg, Corresponding to an image greater than 3000 x 4000 px.

I own one scan at home, why should i do it there?

Unlike other laboratories that try to carry out the service quickly, the Maquinas de Outros Tempos, always intends to give the highest quality to its client, for this we send the files by email due to the large size that each image has.